Saturday, May 25, 2013

Saturday, May 18, 2013


I love being a Pure Romance consultant! This is the most daring and educational career I've ever had. I wouldn't trade it for the world.
I'm so proud of what I do, I just wish I had become a Consultant before 2 years ago!
Everywhere I go, I take my Pure Romance bag with me. Everyone looks and try to figure out where I got my bag from and I proudly tell them "I'm a Pure Romance consultant!" Talk about free advertisement...
Letricia Neal
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Friday, May 17, 2013

Silver Starter Kit Sale - 5 Days Only

Have you been thinking about becoming a Pure Romance consultant? Now is the time to get started!
Silver Starter Kit – Valued at $450, on sale for only $159 + get a 40% Buying Discount for life* once Active!
This is the lowest price of the year. The Silver Starter Kit has never been priced so low. Take advantage of this special offer!
Click HERE to get started. Click "Become a Consultant" to sign up!
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Friday, May 10, 2013

Pure Romance Party

Do you want to have fun hanging out with your friends without going to a club or bar? Host a Pure Romance party. It's FREE!
Invite all your girls over to your house and your consultant will bring the entertainment. It's that simple!
Are you in the Milwaukee area? You're in luck. All you have to do is contact me by the information below and set a date.
I pay for referrals too. If one of your friends say you referred them to me, you'll receive $25 in free products. The second way to benefit from a referral is if one of your friends decides to become a Pure Romance consultant at your party. You, the hostess, will receive $50 CASH since it was your party!
Book your Pure Romance party with an Advanced Consultant who knows how to have fun, loves giving away free products and knows her stuff!
Letricia Neal
(469) 251-7608

How do I become a Pure Romance consultant?

How do I become a Pure Romance consultant?
Many women ask themselves over and over the "how's" and "what ifs" when starting a new journey. Will I have time? Can I work and be a consultant at the same time? How many hours do I have to work? What about my children?
All of the above questions are valid. Starting a business can be stressful but not with Pure Romance. Pure Romance helps women from various backgrounds become successful business owners.
I can only speak for single mothers as I am. I operate my own Pure Romance business, run my household, attend after school activities, take care of my children and make time for myself in the process. For some, this may sound overwhelming. Honestly, its all about organizing what's important to you. Everything listed above was and still is important to me. Caring for my children and running my business is my top priority. Once you figure out what's important to you, your stress and nervousness subsides.
Are you serious about starting your own Pure Romance business? Speak with an Advanced Consultant who can sponsor and help you get started! There's only one way to find out if you'll be successful! Give us a call for a 15 minute consultation to see how Pure Romance can fit into your life!
Letricia Neal - Advanced Consultant
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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Pure Romance Teams - DIAMOND DIVAS

Why did you become a Pure Romance consultant?
Becoming a Pure Romance consultant is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I did not know this type of work existed. I tell all of my friends about the opportunity every chance I get.
Two years ago, I was doing some research online on how to start my own business. I wasn't exactly sure where to start. I came across Pure Romance's website and decided to take a look at what they had to offer.
As I researched, I realized this could be the perfect opportunity for me. At the time, I was working at a warehouse day in and day out. I was getting paid a few dollars over minimum wage but just couldn't seem to make ends meet. I decided I would give it a try. I filled out the form online to request more information. A few days later, an advanced consultant contacted me to see if starting my own Pure Romance business would fit into my schedule. While I was on the phone with her (the consultant), she asked me "Why?" I didn't hesitate to tell her that I was working 50-60 hours per week and still had a hard time keeping up with the bills; not to mention, I hardly ever got to see my two little boys. I asked her, how would I fit Pure Romance into my busy schedule. She simply told me, once I book my first party my business will be booming and soon I'll be able to quit my day job. I thought to myself, is this some joke?
I decided to give it a try after more online research and digging. I signed up online by ordering a BRONZE STARTER KIT. The kit came in the mail faster than I thought. A few days later, there was a knock at the door. The UPS guy had me sign for my package. The box was plain, didn't say much on the outside and I was pleased.
I ran to get my box cutter, slashed open the box and was amazed. The starter kit contained a training DVD, business calendar, information on how to get parties, how to introduce myself to potential customers, lotions, lubricants, sex toys and more. You get the idea. Everything I could have thought of was inside of the BRONZE STARTER KIT. This was a business in a box. I started reading the material and watched the training DVD. I thought to myself, I can do this.
I spoke with my Sponsor. What is a Sponsor? A Sponsor is a (female) consultant who is there for you every step of the way, helping you get your business started and answering any questions that you may have about Pure Romance. She told me to study the products, read the material and asked me to come out and meet with my Pure Romance sisters. She was very positive, uplifting and motivating. I couldn't wait to have my first party.
After two weeks of studying, asking questions and driving my Sponsor crazy I was ready to book a party. I felt I was ready. I received a Corporate "lead" and a woman called me asking to book a Bachelorette party. I was so excited, I told her of course I would book her party. I was so excited about having my first party that I forgot to ask the woman her name. Feeling embarrassed, I called the number back, explained to the woman how excited I was about her party and asked her name. She laughed and said she respected my honesty.
I ran out to Target and brought a 6ft folding table. I set up my products and practiced my demonstration. I practiced until the night of the party.
The Bachelorette party was a success. I did better than I thought. I was somewhat weary until the women at the party begged me to take their orders first. A smile flashed across my face and I started taking orders one by one. After I completed all my orders, I made $472.00 in 2 hours. I didn't make that much money in one week at my previous job. I booked 3 new parties, called my sponsor and told her she was right. It was unbelievable at first, but I could see that soon I would be able to quit my day job.
After 2 months of getting paid to party, I quit my day job because my schedule was too full to do both. I decided to leave my day job when I calculated my party totals and I made $4000 during my second month in business.
Thank you PURE ROMANCE for this opportunity, giving me an alternative and bringing my family closer together. My boys enjoy the basketball, football and baseball games I couldn't afford at my previous job.
I encourage all women to give it a shot. It doesn't hurt to try. Especially single mother's like myself, who need more time with their children.
If you would like more information on becoming a PURE ROMANCE CONSULTANT, don't hesitate to contact me.
Letricia Neal #81835
Phone: (469) 251-7608